Two drug dealers who hail from south-east London have being jailed for over seven and a half years between them.

Thomas Beaumont, 24 and of Heath End Road inBexley, and Marvin Bulle, 26 and of Millmark Grove in Brockley, were both detained back in March after officers in an unmarked car initially stopped a vehicle Beaumont was travelling in.

A subsequent drug warrant found Bulle sleeping in a nearby home that was being cuckooed.

The pair were sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday, August 16 after admitting being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine.

The court heard both men were arrested on the morning of March 14 after officers in the Medway Community Policing Team became suspicious of drug dealing activity in Brompton.

The officers, who were on patrol in an unmarked car, noticed a crowd of people near Melville Court and suspected the group was waiting for a drug dealer to arrive.

A Ford Fiesta was parked nearby and a short time later officers saw it travelling in the same general area, with Beaumont a front seat passenger.

The car was brought to a stop in Brompton Hill and officers acted quickly to box the vehicle in and prevent an easy escape.

Beaumont was then arrested and data from a seized mobile phone revealed he was actively involved in the supply of class A drugs.

The constables then carried out a warrant at an address in Brompton which they suspected was being cuckooed, a method that sees drug dealers use a vulnerable person’s home as a base to supply drugs.

Bulle was found asleep in an upstairs bedroom and a search of him, and the room, uncovered scales covered with crack cocaine residue and around £750 in cash.

A tin containing around an ounce of crack cocaine was also found hidden under the floorboards.

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Messages found on a phone Bulle was using revealed he had been in regular contact with Beaumont and confirmed he was actively involved in supplying class A susbstances.

Beaumont was sentenced to four and a half years imprisonment while Bulle was sentenced to three years and two months.

Detective Constable Mark Donovan, Kent Police’s investigating officer for the case, said: "This case was brought about following excellent proactive policing which saw officers act on instinct to detain two men who had travelled to Medway for the sole purpose of supplying drugs.

"The case clearly demonstrates that we have officers regularly patrolling the Medway towns to identify drug dealing and when offending comes to light they act quickly to pursue justice.

"There is no place for drug dealing in Medway and anyone who seeks to make money through these means can expect to be targeted and prosecuted."