Dartford residents are being warned to prepare for a loud bang as more demolition works are set to take place at Littlebrook Power Station next week.

The fifth controlled explosion to take place on the site, scheduled for 11:59pm on August 29, will aim to take down the power station's boiler house and supporting buildings.

The timing of the event will coincide with a short rolling road block on the Dartford Crossing so as not to distract drivers crossing the bridge.

Although a warning has been issued by the demolition company, Brown and Mason, the explosion is expected to be low-impact and any noise made during the event is expected to be over quickly.

An exclusion zone will be set-up around the perimeter of the power station to prevent as a safety precaution but is not expected to impact traffic in the area.

The complete demolition of the site at Littlebrook is projected for completion in 2020 with further demolitions to be carried out later this year.

Residents have been advised that any dust produced during the event is "unlikely" to travel from the exclusion zone and does not pose a threat to the public's health.