Installing CCTV on Chislehurst High Street would help deter criminals from continuing to break into shops, according to a volunteer group representing retailers.

Alison Stammers, of The Chislehurst Society and The Chislehurst Town Team, has spent months campaigning for Bromley Council to support a proposal for CCTV.

"We have been increasingly concerned about crime on the high street for quite some months," Ms Stammers told News Shopper.

The group prompted the council to install CCTV at the high street car park earlier this year - something Ms Stammers said has been successful.

However, a break in at nail salon Gloss on August 13 inspired Ms Stammers to renew her calls for CCTV on the street.

News Shopper:

"On a personal level I was gutted," she said. "Emma (who runs Gloss) is a lovely young lady has invested a lot into it.

"It was absolutely horrible; she is trying to earn a living with a small independent business I was the one who had to break the news to her.

"We understand burglars, who smashed through the front door, only managed to steal some petty cash from the till."

Gloss was the fourth high street business, with other shops being targeted in the Royal Parade, to be ransacked in recent months. 

News Shopper reported in April how Annabel’s Too was burgled hours after its opening day.

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News Shopper:

Owner Laura Eastwood said at the time that three cameras were needed on the high street.

She said in April: "Burglaries are a big concern for shop owners here. You don’t know when they will be back."

Some of the retailers have in house CCTV but burglars have been masked.

Ms Stammers said high street CCTV would strengthen a case.

"Police could pick up number plates, which are probably stolen but it gives you more intelligence.

"It might not stop crime completely, but it will be a visible deterrent."

The Chislehurst Society insist that businesses would fund the CCTV, but it needs Bromley Council’s support.

Ms Stammers has provided data to police and councillors again in the hopes that it will prove that CCTV is needed.

News Shopper has contacted Bromley Council for a response.

Councillor Kate Lymer said in April: "Whilst the council already continues to invest significant sums in CCTV across the borough and is broadly supportive of the principles of CCTV, it must be remembered that CCTV does not simply stop crime and nor does it necessarily capture the incident in question."

After the break-in at Gloss, a Bromley policeman told News Shopper: "The front door was damaged and the burglars seem to have got in that way.

"The suspects did an untidy search and left stuff all over the place as they hunted for anything valuable.

"I cant say anything more as this is a live investigation at the moment.

Anyone with information can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800555111 quoting crime reference 3317250/19.