A Sydenham resident is bewildered by an abandoned supermarket which has reportedly had its lights left on for two years.

The former Co-op and Budgens store on Sydenham Road stopped trading in 2017 – but according to nearby residents, the lights in the store have never been turned off.

Jojo Desmond, 39, lives just a few minutes away from the building and has told News Shopper of her frustration at walking past the shop, which is fully lit 24 hours a day.

After taking photos of the shop and posting them on Facebook, she said: "Surely it’s a case of accessing the building and flicking a switch.

"Seems a terrible waste of electricity."

Speaking to News Shopper, she added:“Loads of people have written on the dirty windows to turn the lights off.

“Literally, for two years, those lights have not gone off.”

The singer, who has lived in Sydenham since 2014, added she has tried to find answers about the empty store in the past but to no avail.

“I’ve tweeted photos before to Lewisham Council and also tagged Lewisham Met Police but I’ve had no response,” she explained.

When contacted by News Shopper, the Council confirmed it has not received any planning applications for the store since it closed down two years ago.

A spokesman said the Council does not have the powers to force the owners of the building to turn off the lights.

A sign on the window of the shop lists The Food Retailer Operations Limited – which was liquidated in March 2019 - as the owner of the building.

News Shopper has contacted the listed liquidator, BDO LLP, for more information.