Popular Catford Constitutional Club will be closed from next Friday with tenant Antic served a seven-day eviction notice, after new surveys found the building was “dangerous.”

The surveys found significant health and safety risks in the building, which are expected to take between three and six months to fix, a council spokesperson said.

After then a new operator will be brought in to run the pub.

“Parts of the building are dangerous and we must take immediate steps to make it safe,” she said.

“We have had to close the Catford Constitutional Club after recent detailed surveys carried out revealed significant health and safety risks.

“The pub will re-open when the works have been completed and an operator has been found to run it,” she said.

Lewisham Council is preparing to develop the building into affordable housing while keeping a pub on site.

A petition was started in May in support of the pub, with residents concerned the pub would be lost in a development.

The property, parts of which are locally listed, has long been in disrepair.

It needs both wind and water repairs, a major expenditure estimated to cost around £1.5 million, a council report said.

Antic have been running the popular pub since 2013.

In June Cllr Eva Stamirowski claimed Antic “run pubs into the ground.”

But Antic founder Anthony Thomas told the Local Democracy Reporting Service they had spent a “substantial amount on the building” which had been empty for a number of years.

He said most of the work had been short-term fixes because of the nature of a short-term lease.

The lease ended in September but they have been holding over.

Antic have been approached for comment.