A volunteer led history group is appealing for help in tracking down relatives of Swanley men who died in the Second World War.

Swanley History Group has been researching for its upcoming book for 12 months after publishing 'The First World War - The Stories Behind The Names' last year.

Its latest book will focus on the stories behind the Swanley men who sacrificed their lives in the bloody years between 1939 and 1945.

The 28 names of the fallen soldiers are honoured at Swanley's War Memorial in the grounds of St Mary The Virgin Church.

However, Swanley History Groups wants to learn more about the brave men.

"These people sacrificed their lives and should be remembered," group secretary Ann Hollands, 62, told News Shopper.

"We want to tell the stories behind the names to tell future generations. We want to portray them as human beings."

The history group believes names of other Swanley men killed in the war were not included in the memorial, which was unveiled in 1989.

A statement read: "It may be that, despite the best attempts of The British Legion in advertising for family members to nominate the names of loved ones, the passage of time between the end of the war and the plaque being inscribed meant that some families were unaware of the project or had moved away from the area or that all descendants had passed away."

The Swanley History Group was formed in 2013 and volunteer Ms Hollands explained what attracted her.

"I have a love of family history and have researched my own," she said. "I’m just always fascinated to find out about the human stories."

If you are related to any of the men listed on the War Memorial or have any information about the civilians who were killed or other local men who died contact swanleyhistorygroup@hotmail.co.uk or via www.swanleyhistorygroup.weebly.com.