News Shopper understands a "prostitute" may be servicing clients in the same building where reporters work.

Building management of Press House in Petts Wood, which contains flats and offices, has warned residents that "unsavoury characters" may be seeking the services of a sex worker.

News Shopper:

In a letter seen by reporters, estate manager Acorn Estate Management wrote: "We have received a number of complaints of unsavoury characters loitering in the car park, trying to gain access to the building by following people in and hanging around the lobby area unaccompanied.

"We have also received reports that there may be a prostitute operating in the building."

On Thursday morning (August 15), a "shifty-looking" man was sitting in the lobby as News Shopper reporter Jess Taylor walked into the building.

News Shopper:

Jess recalled: "The man stared at me as I opened the door and said, 'Good morning,' with a smile. He seemed to stare a bit."

Less than 10 minutes later chief reporter Liam McInerney spotted the same man in the lobby as he arrived at work.

"I do remember thinking that he looked uncomfortable," Liam recalled. "I was going to say 'Hi' but he avoided eye contact."

Acorn Estate Management said resident safety was of "utmost importance" and warned residents to be extra vigilant.

The statement added: "Do not open the door if your flat number is called/buzzed and the person is unknown to you.

"Please do not hold the door open as you enter the building for other people unless you can see the fob in their hand."

Last Wednesday (August 7), News Shopper reporters noticed a man in a checked shirt trying to get into the building.

About an hour after he was first spotted in the car park at around 10am, the News Shopper office received a buzz from the same man who claimed he lived in the building and had lost his keys.

Reporters refused to allow the man into the building.

This concern has been reported to police and the neighbourhood watch team who will be monitoring the situation.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting the reference CAD 1979 – 15/8/19.

A police spokesman confirmed to News Shopper that it was being investigated.