A new LGBTQ+ occupier will be found to fill a cultural space at the Sampson and Ludgate development, following outcry at gay venue XXL’s eviction.

XXL has operated from the Pulse club in Ludgate House since 2011, which is part of a £1.3bn development with Sampson House.

Forty jobs will go at the club which has been open since 2000.

Developer Native Land have today confirmed they will look to fill a new cultural space in their development with an LGBTQ+ occupier, chosen with Southwark Council and the LGBTQ+ community.

The scheme was granted planning permission in 2014.

A spokesman for Native Land said: “We have listened to the concerns raised by Southwark Council, City Hall and London’s LGBTQ+ community at the loss of a dedicated venue, and are pleased to confirm that cultural space within our consented scheme at Bankside will be prioritised for a LGBTQ+ occupier.

“We will work with Southwark Council and the LGBTQ+ community to identify an appropriate operator who will help ensure the LGBTQ+ community has a long future in this exciting part of London.”

The development will also see a new pedestrian link lined with independent shops, office space for 3,000 jobs, new cultural venues, and housing.

Club co-owner James McNeill, said while they feel the eviction is a move to “sanitise the area”, a new LGBTQ+ centre would be a “victory in this battle”.

He and partner Mark Ames, who co-founded XXL in 2000, will have to bid for the space and are still looking for a new venue.

The pair met with Night Czar Amy Lame in 2017 to discuss their proposals for an LGBTQ+ community centre and how the GLA could support this.

“We came up with the concept over two years ago to do a privately funded LGBTQ+ cente for London,” he said.

Their concept included performance and meeting spaces, as well as a creche for gay families, he said.

But the pair have not been involved in further talks, he said.

Mr McNeill said they need another six months to find somewhere suitable, but are set to wind up by September 24.

Southwark councillors have been working with XXL to find a new venue, but have faced criticism over the club’s inclusivity after the nightclub refused entry to a man wearing heels last year.

Mr Ames faced backlash for a social media post where he said he “couldn’t give a toss about the rest of the scene” but has since apologised.

Mr McNeill said the high heel door policy was in place for insurance purposes.

Cllr Johnson Situ, Cabinet member for growth, development and planning, said the council valued the borough’s LGBTQ+ community and would strengthen policies to greater protect venues.

He said: “I would like to assure you that the council greatly values the borough’s LGBTQ+ community and does not want to see any decline in the borough’s nightlife.

“We have been in discussions with the developer Native Land and the GLA to help ensure that a dedicated safe community space for the LGBTQ+ community has a secure future in the area.

“Native Land have today confirmed that they have listened to our concerns at the loss of a dedicated venue, and that the cultural space within their consented scheme at Bankside will be prioritised for a LGBTQ+ occupier. We welcome this announcement and have also committed to strengthening our policies where necessary to add greater protection for LGBTQ+ spaces in the future.

“We have also been working with XXL to help them find a new venue in Southwark, potentially with a more inclusive and diverse offer for the wider community, in response to concerns expressed by members of the wider LGBTQ+ community about previous conduct and comments.”

Southwark Lib Dem councillors and the club owners have called for an Equality Impact Assessment to be made for the loss of a gay venue, but a council spokesperson said there is no process to retrospectively undertake further assessments on decisions legally taken.

Nearly 5,000 people have signed a petition in support of the club.