A famous face has been delivering McDonald's in and around Woolwich.

Good Morning Britain presenter Andi Peters recently caused a stir when he was spotted delivering McDonald’s orders to customers.

Residents around the Powis Street restaurant were in for a shock when they opened their front doors to find Andi on the door step handing over their burgers and fries.

Andi, who regularly surprised home-owners on their doorsteps for This Morning, had teamed up with the brand to highlight its McDelivery service in conjunction with UBER Eats.

During one drop, the customer opened the door in just his underwear, leaving Andi on the doorstep whilst he got dressed.

Another clip shows a fan react with surprise once the penny drops on who her famous delivery driver is.

The Powis Street restaurant, which is the oldest McDonald’s in the UK, opened its doors in 1974, making it the 3000th McDonald’s restaurant worldwide.

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