A man has been arrested and charged after allegedly becoming abusive when he was refused alcohol in a hotel bar.

Ross Flynn, 36, of Manwood Road in Lewisham, was arrested for being "drunk and disorderly" and for "kicking" a policewoman in the legs.

Police said Flynn arrived at the Bromley Court Hotel bar at midnight on August 10 before staff politely asked him to leave because of his allegedly "already highly intoxicated state".

A Bromley police statement read: "Flynn then allegedly became upset at this and abusive towards people around the bar area.

"Then when security were called Flynn allegedly challenged one man to a fight outside, and swinging his fist he missed his intended target, pivoted on the spot, and ended up on the floor on his backside.

"When the police arrived Flynn allegedly swore and used several unprintable words referring to people’s ethnicity.

"As he was escorted to the police van in handcuffs he allegedly picked on a female officer and kicked her hard in the legs causing a minor injury."

Flynn spent the night in the cells as opposed to the more comfortable rooms at the hotel.

The statement concluded: "Selling and purchasing alcohol from a bar is a licensed activity. Staff acting on behalf of the license holder are highly regulated by rules on who, how much, and what they sell to people."

Flynn was released on August 11 and is due to enter his plea at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on August 28.

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