A man who was seen snooping at the back of homes near Bromley High Street has been arrested and charged.

Aaron Phillips, 22, of Orpington, was arrested on Wednesday morning (August 4) after a concerned member of the public called the police.

Officers found him in possession of a stolen Satnav and a small bag of cocaine.

He was charged with offences relating to drugs and the theft of the Satnav before pleading guilty at court where he was fined.

A Bromley police statement read: "We wish Mr Phillips every success in future in exploring more productive avenues of activity.

"The police also did a little exploring of their own when the map on the Satnav led an officer to discover an Orpington address on it. It led us to returning the device back to the grateful owner – it had been taken from his car after he’d left it unlocked for five minutes."

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