A nine-year-old boy whose muscles continue to deteriorate is in desperate need of a new wheelchair after outgrowing his old one.

"Superhero mad" Charlie Bolton has been a News Shopper regular over the years because of his muscle wasting disease – spinal muscular atrophy type two.

The community in Petts Wood helped raise around £40,000 for two wheelchairs since he was a toddler.

Charlie, a Crofton Junior School pupil, is unable to sit in his current wheelchair for long periods.

His mum, Aimee Spiers, fears her son will become isolated from friends if he doesn't get a new one.

She said: "The NHS chair that Charlie is currently using doesn’t allow him to participate in activities at home and in school, and I don’t want him to miss out on things.

"Without a better chair he’s starting to stay in the house more and although he loves his play station and his games, he’s not taking in as many trips to the cinema as he would like.

"He loves going to watch films and he’s a big fan of superheroes, particularly Batman and the Lego films."

Aimee said she was "heartbroken" at not being able to afford the best wheelchair for her son, which cost over £24,000.

JustGiving page has been set up to help with the costs.

Charlie’s mum said: "It would give him additional postural support and he could change his position and access different table heights.

"The family could even go out to restaurants and we could stay out for the whole day if we wanted to."

Aimee added: "I know it’s an awful lot of money but with their support we can make life so much better for Charlie."

Mark Bushell, from Caudwell Children, a charity that supports disabled children and their families, said: "This piece of equipment will improve Charlie’s life immeasurably. Unbelievably, there are 70,000 children in the UK who would benefit from the correct mobility equipment.

"I’m urging the public and business community to get behind this appeal. With their support we can ensure that Charlie has the specialist equipment that he so desperately needs and deserves."

Back in May News Shopper had an exclusive story on Charlie and how a "life-changing drug" that’s been NHS approached could benefit him in the future.

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