The swimming lake at Beckenham Place Park is expected to reopen within two weeks after it was closed due to safety concerns.

Lewisham Council closed the lake days after it opened to the public when some children got into difficulty in the water.

Several parents reported their concerns to News Shopper after an air ambulance was called to a young child who was pulled out of the lake.

A dad-of-two named Ben who lives near the park said: “You hear stories in the summer about children and even young men who have drowned.

“Who’s going to take responsibility when there’s another little coffin led out of there?”

More than two weeks after the lake was closed to install temporary fencing, the Council has said it hopes to complete work within the next fortnight.

A Council spokeswoman said: “We want park visitors to be able to enjoy the lake safely and are putting additional measures in place to ensure they can, which we hope to complete within the next two weeks.

"Whilst the lake is closed, the rest of Beckenham Place Park is open and we encourage people to go along and enjoy the many other great features and activities it has to offer.”