A Crayford pre-school has been blasted by an education watchdog for not supervising kids an “compromising children’s wellbeing”.

Happygems Pre School, operating out of Crayford Library, has been rated as inadequate across the board by Ofsted inspectors.

The inspection, carried out in July, found serious failings with leadership, management, teaching, and development of children.

Ofsted said kids staff are not always making sure kids are supervised and that behaviour is not managed well.

Inspector’s said in their recently-published report: “The manager has insufficient knowledge and understanding of safeguarding procedures.

“For instance, she does not know the procedure to follow in the event of an allegation being made against a member of staff. Therefore, children’s safety and welfare are compromised.

“Staff do not ensure children are consistently well supervised. Consequently, children are not safe and their needs are not met.”

The pre school, which registered last year, offers places for two and three-year-old children.

Happygems has several branches, including other facilities in Erith and Sladegreen as well as further east in Essex.

Happygems was contacted for comment prior to publication.

Despite not being council-run, Bexley Council has stepped in to offer help to the struggling childcare provider.

A spokesman for the council said: “Happygems Pre School rent hall space in Crayford Library. It is not a Council initiative and we have no statutory duty to the facility however, as part of our commitment to ensure all our children and young people have access to good education, we have offered the group our support and they have accepted this offer.

“This support will include working with the management on the points raised by the Ofsted inspection.”

Bexley Council’s childrens services are rated as outstanding by Ofsted.