An NCT group in Eltham has welcomed eight babies into the World - and they are all girls.

National Childbirth Trust groups are based all around the country, bringing expectant mothers and fathers together for support and guidance.

The eight mums and dads joined the Eltham branch this year, headed by Ruth Sutherland. 

Lauren Hurley Krause told News Shopper: "Five of the couples knew they were having girls beforehand and the other three kept it a secret. 

"But to the group’s surprise, it was a full house and eight baby girls were born."

Baby Mimi was born first on May 13, she was followed by Alice, Daphne, Cara, Cora, Freya, Genevieve and finally baby Iyla on June 11 (photo: in order from youngest to oldest (left to right)).

Lauren said: "The group had their reunion at the beginning of July at the Tudor Barn in Eltham. 

"The babies all came dressed in matching outfits and certainly stole the show with their cuteness."

The mums live across Sidcup, Eltham and New Eltham and take turns in hosting meet ups each week to get together, chat about mummy life and lots of indulging on their maternity leave.

Lauren continued: "The mums’ have a WhatsApp group and we all share our experiences and help each other out, especially being our first babies; the dads’ have a separate WhatsApp group and arrange their meet ups; and we then have a group for all, and have arranged our next reunion in October."