Caravans have been seen leaving Chislehurst Common after spending 24 hours illegally parked there.

Bromley Council say the incursion is coming to an end after councillors and police worked together to move the travellers on.

Officers went to Chislehurst Common on Tuesday, August 6, after complaints were made about the encampment.

However, we understand the open space was cleared in the last hour.

Councillor Kate Lymer said: "We will always take robust action to end any illegal encampment on land that the council is responsible for, using all legal options available to us.

The executive cllr for public protection and enforcement added: "Partnership work with the police is crucial in these situations and when we became aware of this illegal incursion, both the police and council attended the scene and following partnership work today, this incursion is now coming to an end."

In August of last year Bromley was rife with illegal incursions - including Whitehall Recreation Ground, Green St Green, Parkfield Way Recreation Ground, Willet Recreation Ground and Normal Park.

Travellers move on to Norman Park despite Bromley-wide injunction

News Shopper has contacted Friends, Families and Travellers about the latest incursion in Chislehurst.

It is unknown whether the departed caravans have arrived anywhere else in the borough.

A police spokesman said on Tuesday: "Officers are aware of a number of caravans that gathered on Chislehurst Common.

"Officers have attended and the local authority is aware. There have been no arrests."