Two girls were left red faced when police officers approached them after they allegedly left a nail salon in Bromley without paying.

The business contacted police on Monday evening, August 5, to report that teenagers with freshly painted nails had fled.

A Bromley police statement read: "When police were contacted and we caught up with the girls they claimed they’d lost their bank cards and were just going to get some money.

"How can you get money without bank cards at 7.30pm when the banks are closed? Must be a money tree planted nearby."

The statement continued: "Because of their age, and we hate to see young people criminalized over mistakes like this, their parents were contacted and an agreement was soon reached with the nail bar that it would be reimbursed.

"That meant we could carry on patrolling Bromley to prevent more serious offences."

A Bromley police officer told News Shopper he didn’t want to identify the nail salon to avoid the situation escalating.

The police statement joking concluded: "Perhaps, if the two girls had not been caught up with so quickly we would have had circulate pictures of the suspect’s distinctive nails in order to identify them? That might have, (ahem) nailed the case."

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