A Belvedere man who has spent more than 20 years caring for big cats is launching a new kids book to highlight the peril of the dwindling rainforests.

Martin Hill, an IT engineer, first started his unusual hobb when he was approached by a younger, now famous, tiger enthusiast while walking down a Kent high street.

"Giles Clarke had asked me would I like to have my photo taken with a tiger to which I said yes.

"The following day, I was asked would I like to come back to assist with the enclosures and I jumped at the opportunity," said Martin.

Since that fateful encounter, Martin has cared for a number of tigers, jaguars and even cheetahs at sanctuaries across the South East, particularly a tiger named Indy which was the focus for his first three published books.

"We even took Indy the Tiger up to Great Ormonde Street for pet therapy with the kids.

"Sadly, Indy died in 2015 from cancer which had affected her liver, " he said.

Now, Martin is looking to dabble in fictional storytelling with his latest book 'A Tiger's Message', a book with a deeper message highlighting how the palm oil industry is destroying our vibrant rainforests.

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"The Sumatran rainforest is being arbitrarily replaced by palm oil trees, leaving no place for wildlife.

"There is an urgent need for all palm oil to be grown and managed sustainably.

"Palm oil is extremely versatile that has many different properties and functions which makes it so useful and so widely used. Unsustainable oil palm leads to deforestation, pollution and animal extinction.

"We can all make a difference by checking labels when we buy from our supermarkets to ensure sustainability," he said.

Those looking to purchase 'A Tiger's Message' can do so here.