Lucky lotto players across Dartford were given the shock of their lives after scooping hundreds of thousands of pounds from the People's Postcode Lottery.

DA1 3HB was the full winning postcode of July's Postcode Millions prize, with seven fortunate residents from Phillips Close nabbing £181,655 per ticket.

One of the lucky winners, who plays with two tickets, picked up a staggering £363,310.

Rebecca, a retail manager and mum of two, was one of the fortunate few to pick up a life-changing sum of money and she said: "I can't believe it. When we found out it was our postcode area I thought it would just be a £1,000.

"But this amount is a life changer for us, the best gift we could ever be given.

"We'll be able to buy a house in the local area and the kids will each have their own room."

Rebecca's husband Rob was recently made redundant but is now planning to use some of the winnings to undertake training as a care support worker, something which hits close to home as the young couple have a son with autism.

"Never in a million years did we ever think we'd win this amount of money.

"I feel like I’m going to wake up in a minute.

"It's exciting and a bit overwhelming but right away I started to think about what this will let us do and how it's going to change our lives.

"It's lovely to know that everyone who plays around us has shared in the same good fortune. And that by playing you're making a difference to more people's lives."

The £3 million prize pot was shared out between 495 players throughout the DA1 3 postcode sector with the smallest amount won being £2,786.

Players with two tickets scooped a modest £5,572 and those with three tickets collected cheques for £8,358.

Speaking on the monumental wins, PPL presenter Jeff Brazier said: "It was brilliant to kick off the weekend in style for our winners.

"It's amazing to be able to knock on someone's door, give them that cheque, and know they are going to have a summer to remember!"