Police have issued a dispersal zone in Chislehurst because of a group of youths misbehaving on bikes.

Kids are accused of abusing pedestrians and blocking traffic in areas of Chislehurst and Bickley.

Chislehurst police have reacted by implementing a dispersal zone to rid the area of troublemakers.

A tweet read: "Due to youth disorder a dispersal zone has been put in place in the Gosshill Road, Station Approach & Old Hill area of Chislehurst along with the Aquilla Est in Bickley.

"13 youths already expelled from the area."

This comes after Chislehurst police reported that they were aware of an incident on Gosshill Road last week involving children on bikes.

They encouraged anyone concerned with anti-social behaviour to inform the police.

News Shopper has contacted Chislehurst police for more information about the incident.

Similar problems with youngsters on bikes were reported in Beckenham last month – leading to a dispersal zone in the Copers Cope and Eden Park wards.

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Dispersal zones give police the power to direct people to leave an area for 24 hours or face arrest and seizure of property connected to anti-social behaviour.

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