A kind neighbour has started a fundraiser to help an "amazing" woman whose home was ransacked.

Rachel Edwards, 43, lives above the victim’s flat in Foots Crays, Sidcup, and said the home was targeted on Tuesday, August 30, between 1-5pm.

She didn’t want her neighbour named but said her friend was left "shaken up" after returning home to find her property had been turned over.

An irreplaceable bracelet given to her by her late husband was stolen.

"It was a charm bracelet and he would always buy her a charm wherever he went," Rachel told News Shopper.

The pensioner discovered the break-in after returning home and realising someone had put the chain on her front door.

She walked to the back of the building, which has nine flats, and discovered that her bedroom window had been forced open.

Rachel, who is from Orpington, heard the woman on the phone to her daughter saying she needed to call the police.

"I went to see if she was alright," Rachel said. "I put my head through the bedroom window, and it was carnage.

"It was just awful, real nasty business."

She added: "Oh my goodness I was shocked. We live in a secure and safe area where there is not much crime.

"It made me feel physically sick."

All the woman’s jewellery and a small amount of money was stolen, and police have been informed.

Rachel decided to start a GoFundMe for her neighbour, who she has known for five years, because of how "selfless" she is.

"She is such a lovely lady," Rachel explained. "She is never indoors and is always busy doing something.

"She does dance classes for the elderly and arranges holidays for the elderly and coach trips. She is always helping people and wants to know how you are, just very selfless and it’s nice to give something back to her.

"It would be nice to say that people do care."

One comment on the fundraiser reads: "I donated because this lady is a very good friend of little sister’s mum, she is a wonderful lady who is the most nicest genuine lady going.

"She didn’t deserve this one bit. I hope they catch who did this."