A disgusted resident has blasted a couple he saw romping loudly in a busy Sainsbury’s car park yesterday afternoon.

Bradley Frampton, 35, went to the supermarket in Pallant Way, Locksbottom to buy some bits with his girlfriend at 4pm.

He spotted a couple kissing in the front seat of a Mercedes but on the way out of Sainsbury’s the raunchy man and woman had made their way to the back seat.

"They weren’t doing anything then, so I ignored it," Bradley, who said all the car windows were open, told News Shopper.

However, Bradley lives by the car park and was disturbed soon afterwards while doing some gardening.

"I could hear a lot of noise," he said. "I put my head over the garden; the lady was very loud.

"They were in full flow and I’m not a pervert, so I took the number plate and I thought I would shame them on Facebook."

Bradley said he received some negative comments on social media but he argued that children often use that back entrance to the car park.

"I’m not being rude but if it was dark there and late at night and the car park was empty I probably would have done nothing and laughed it off," Bradley added.

"But it was between four and six and the car park was absolutely packed. I have three kids that come visit and my neighbour has a son."

Bradley, who didn’t the contact police, guesses the couple were in their early 40s.

He said he has never came across anything like it in the car park before.

Sainsbury's have been contacted for comment. 

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