A new tenant reckons he has the weirdest flatmate ever, after discovering a bin full of human hair he is collecting to "turn into a pillow".

Ben James, 34, stumbled across the stash of salt and peppered locks while putting an empty shampoo bottle in the bathroom pedal bin.

The administrator, who has recently started renting a room in the house, said the hairy discovery weighed approximately the same weight as a 1lb bag of sugar.

When he quizzed his housemate later that evening, the man in his 60s unashamedly told how he intended to make a homemade pillow from his beard and hair trimmings.

Ben, from Chislehurst said: "It was quite disturbing. When I picked up the bin it was as heavy as a bag of sugar.

"Hair itself is quite light so for it to weigh that much really is quite remarkable.

"This is obviously a project he's had in the works for some time.

"The house wasn't in the best nick when I looked round but I desperately needed to find a place.

"I did notice my socks stick to the floor and the flat does give off the vibe it hasn't been cleaned in 15 years.

"But I would never have imagined finding something like this.

"When he got home I asked what it was all for and he just calmly said 'I'm planning to make a pillow'.

"Whether that's going to be for his own room or for the living room I'm not quite sure.

"I didn't want to probe him too much to save embarrassment but it really is quite creepy.

"I haven't seen anything quite like that before.

"It's just like something out of a horror film."