A Thamesmead comedy writer is now firing on all cylinders after his self-funded sitcom pilot was given the 'Boycie' seal of approval.

The Only Fools & Horses star, John Challis, recorded a short video praising the aspiring sitcom writer, Robert Rivett, for finishing the pilot episode for his project titled 'The Dump'.

Speaking to News Shopper, Mr Rivett spoke of his inspiration behind the quirky comedy which he hopes will kickstart his TV career.

"It’s original. It’s not like anything else that’s out there at the moment.

"Someone had asked me 'where have you not seen a sitcom based yet?' and just thought 'I've never seen one set in a rubbish dump'.

"When I thought that, I started to go all in with it," he said.

News Shopper:

Promo poster for 'The Dump'

Mr Rivett's first starting flexing his funny bone while at school where he was unknowingly branded "the funny kid".

However, it wasn't until after jumping between office jobs that the amateur funnyman discovered his passion for performing after sampling an acting class, gifted to him by his supportive partner.

Now, Mr Rivett is focusing most of his time and energy into creating a platform for 'The Dump' through social media before looking at shooting more episodes.

So invested in turning his dream into a reality, Mr Rivett has invested £2,500 into shooting his pilot episode.

"The dream for me was to make that sitcom and with the pilot, part of that has happened.

"I could never get to the age of 60 and think 'what if?'.

"I’ll take it as far as I can go - whether it turns me into the next Ricky Gervais or not, it doesn't matter to me," he said.

The Dump follows five characters as they navigate the daily struggles of operating a London rubbish tip.

Although just in the pilot stage, Mr Rivett said he is already beginning talks with production companies with the idea even receiving interest from a national broadcaster.