A concerned mum says her teenage daughter was intimated and verbally abused in the street before being "smacked in the face" on a bus last night.

The mum, who didn’t want her daughter identified, said her 13-year-old was walking a friend to a bus stop towards Elmstead Lane when a gang of teenagers began to hassle them on St Kevern Road.

The teens, one boy and two girls, aged between 13 and 16, began shouting at the frightened pair who started walking faster.

One pocket messaged her friend's mum, whose home they had just left, to alert her to the trouble.

Eventually the pals thought they were safe after reaching the bus stop where two men were present.

However, the mum told News Shopper: "They started threatening to smash them up because they ran away and the boy shoved my daughter into the bus stop.

"Nobody stepped in, which infuriated me."

She continued: "The 314 bus came, and my daughter and friend jumped on and the boy got on and tapped his Oyster.

"She turned around and he smacked my daughter in the face. He said 'that’s what you get for running away'.

"It was a backhanded slap across the mouth, and she has injured the inside of her lips."

The mum said the boy ran off the bus, but the two girls who were previously giving them grief stayed on.

She added that her daughter spent the bus journey in tears and does not want to go out again.

"I’ve been trying to encourage my daughter, who is 14 next week, to go out in summer and do what I did as a kid.

"But now she can’t even turn a corner."

The family moved to Mottingham six years ago and was immediately concerned with anti-social behaviour.

However, the parent said the past two years have been better, despite an incident a year ago when youths chucked stones at her car.

She said bad parenting was partly to blame for what happened to her daughter and said people should always know where their children are.

"I’m still absolutely furious," she said. "I drove around for an hour and a half afterwards to see if I could spot him.

"I don’t know what I would have done but how dare he lay a finger on her?"

She described her daughter being "swollen and bruised" this morning and the attack has been reported to police.

The victim did not know the teenagers who set upon her and her friend.

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