Plans to build a massive adventure park at Bluewater Shopping Centre are expected to be given the green light by councillors next week.

The proposals, which were lodged with Dartford Council last year, seek to bring a range of new activities to the popular Greenhithe shopping centre including a 680-metre zipline 'Skywire'; a gravity swing; along with a skydiving simulation machine.

According to council documents, the proposed adventure park would be situated towards the western and southern boundaries of the Bluewater site, close to the chalk cliffs and woodland areas.

Although not confirmed, the plans outline that the park would open between 10am until 5pm from Easter until the end of the October half term period, except during the Summer school holidays in which see the park's opening times extended to 8pm from Monday to Thursday with the park closing at 6pm for the rest of the week.

However, the site will only operate on the weekends throughout the winter until the following Easter.

Although the project has yet to be decided upon, it's been recommended by council officials that the proposition be approved at the next meeting of the development control board.

However, Bluewater's latests scheme has already faced opposition from concerned neighbours as dozens of written objections have already been lodged with the Council, asking for the development works to be blocked.

One objector wrote: "I believe that this is totally inappropriate at this site.

"I and many other people enjoy taking grand children to the nature trail at Bluewater.

"I feel that this will impact adversely on the wildlife in this area."

Others echoed concerns for the future of Bluewater's nature trail, with one objector writing: " I've been visiting Bluewater since it opened, most of the time like many other people, to just walk around the nature trail.

"It's a hidden gem that is wonderful for the wildlife and so peaceful too.

"Each year more and more wildlife are attracted to places like these because their habitats have been destroyed. Everywhere you go in Greenhithe there is building.

"So many trees have recently been cut down, lakes have been drained and roads have been widened.

"All this has an effect on the wildlife and the traffic situation is beyond ridiculous.

"I'm sure this sounds like a great idea that will make loads of money but at what cost?"

The Swanscombe and Greenhithe Town Council were also consulted on the plans where the issue of increased traffic visiting the new site was raised, with developers being asked to consider the surrounding infrastructure to ensure it can handle the predicted traffic increases.

A decision is expected to be reached on these plans by councillors on August 8.