A charity shop supporting mental health services in Beckenham has been burgled twice in just two weeks, leaving volunteers angry and in tears.

Mind, in Croydon Road, was stormed at the weekend and thieves poured beer inside the damaged till before stealing anything they could get their hands on.

The latest burglary was discovered on Sunday morning, July 28, when a supervisor arrived to find the window smashed.

Joe Shannon, 34, started volunteering at Mind charity shop 13 years ago and has been assistant manager for two months.

He suffers from his own mental health struggles, post-traumatic stress disorder and occasional amnesia – but working in Mind has been invaluable.

"When I lose my memory, it is nice coming into the shop and doing things and meeting new people," Joe said.

"Some of our volunteers suffer quite badly with anxiety and the shop helps build confidence up."

However, staff were rocked after the shop was burgled for the second time in two weeks.

Among the list of stolen items was a tablet, charity pot and men’s footwear including Nike trainers.

"It was a bit of a mess," Joe said. "One of our volunteers has seen it a few times and looked like he had tears in his eyes.

"Other volunteers are just angry. This isn’t just a shop that’s been broken into – it’s a charity shop."

Hours have been spent cleaning up the mess after records were thrown all over the floor.

"We can’t accept cash in the till now and one of our volunteers has to write down every transaction physically," Joe said. "It’s just adding more time.

"We have had to close and like any shop we have targets to meet and this just puts pressure on."

Despite being furious, Joe offered a compassionate message to those responsible.

"Just be aware that this is a charity," he began. "If you need help we will help people. If they need money or advice or its drug related we are hear to help.

"All they need to do is come in and ask."

Joe thanked the people of Beckenham for continuing to support the charity since the news broke.

"People have offered to come tidy up and offering to raise money. I wasn’t expecting this and many people are saying how disgraceful it is.

"It makes us realise that we are not on our own and that if we need it we have a community that can help."

The earlier break-in was July 15 and nothing was stolen – but the place was left in a state.

A Bromley police officer told News Shopper the shop was left in a "big mess".

Speaking about the latest incident, he added: "The front window was smashed.

"Police have attended and are investigating. If anyone has information please call us on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111."