A city worker and bodybuilder from Sydenham wants to encourage men to talk about their mental health after opening up about his own struggles.

Mark O’Regan’s brother, Dan, took his own life 10 years ago, shortly before his 30th birthday.

Since his brother’s death, Mark’s eyes have been opened to how mental health issues affect men in particular.

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Mark has opened up about losing his brother 10 years ago

“As someone who is into strength sports, when you’re doing extreme sports you become very solitary,” he told News Shopper.

“You can kind of end up blocking people out and I really resonate with that.”

The 41-year-old, who is the fourth strongest man in London, will attempt to pull an 86-tonne train to raise money for the Lucy Rayner Foundation, which advocates mental health awareness.

“I got the invitation to do this and it was a no-brainer for me really,” Mark said.

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Mark has pulled vehicles before but his next challenge will be his toughest

“I’ve done a few Strongman competitions now. I’ve pulled a few trucks and buses in my time but never an 86-tonne.”

Thirty competitors from around the UK will attempt to pull the train at the now-abandoned Finmere Station on August 31, with the person who can pull the train the furthest crowned the winner.

Each competitor has been given a £400 fundraising target for the event – but Mark has already smashed this target after raising a whopping £1,400.

The Big Pull competition will see both men and women compete, with the hope of breaking some world records.

Despite the daunting challenge ahead, Mark is looking forward to competing along with his coach Dan Thomas from Strongman Gym in Deptford.

“It’s all about raising mental health awareness. The fact is, this is a thing that goes on. It’s a big subject and we should talk about it.”

If you are ever feeling low, you can contact the Samaritans 24/7 on 116 123.