Southwark is developing its carbon reduction strategy, which will focus on business, households and transport.

The authority will use ideas from its first climate summit to develops its carbon reduction strategy, following March’s climate emergency declaration and pledge to become a carbon neutral borough by 2030.

Ideas put forward at Southwark’s first climate change summit this month include banning non-electric cars from the borough and holding regular car-free days.

Speaking at an environment scrutiny commission on Tuesday (July 23), Cllr Richard Livingstone said a draft of the carbon reduction strategy would go out for public consultation in September.

The cabinet member for the climate emergency, transport and environment said the council had done a lot of work on its draft carbon reduction strategy since the July 1 summit.

He said: “We need to have something which enables all people to participate.

“A lot of working has been happening since the summit. There are lots of elements to that strategy.”

Households, businesses and transport were the main contributors to air pollution, he said.

Half of the carbon produced in Southwark is from businesses, while household emissions account for 30 per cent, he said.

“Those are likely to be the three elements where the council will focus on to get right,” he said.

“I think we will also need different kinds of measures. What are we able to do directly as a council? What are we able to do in terms of regulating the behaviour of local residents?

“If we are able to influence people do we need to be working and putting pressure on other London councils and collectively on the GLA?

“For us as a council, despite the fact we can’t control all of this directly we will do as much as we possibly can,” he added.

Other ideas brought forward at the climate summit were installing more green walls at schools and introducing plants to business environments, putting pressure on big supermarkets to stop using low grade plastics and using street design to prioritise pedestrians and cycling.