Kids as young as eight who were described as being "of Irish kind" ruined the day of a woman who was trying to enjoy the sunshine in Beckenham yesterday.

The furious victim even contacted News Shopper to express her annoyance after being targeted at Croydon Road Recreation Ground.

"Children as young as eight had ran and snatched my bag on a lovely hot day with tonnes of children enjoying the day," she wrote.

The woman left her name but preferred not to be credited for her story.

She said she found one of the little culprits who "admitted it was in the bush".

"I got my bag back but unfortunately the phone was gone. The children were of Irish kind and had no supervising adult."

The lady suggested other people in the park had personal belongings snatched.

She said: "Several people come up to me saying their bags and items had gone missing and we found a purse and bag in the bushes in the park with also credit cards."

News Shopper has contacted the woman for more information.

Did you have belongings stolen in Beckenham yesterday? Get in touch.

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