Hate crimes in Greenwich have surged in the last nine years, according to police data.

In figures dating back to June 2009 – the earliest the Met has information available for – religious and racist hate crimes have gradually increased within the Royal Borough.

In the last year alone, reports of such crimes have increased nearly 15 per cent.

According to the Met, racist and religious hate crimes covers Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism and other faith hate crimes.

The highest recorded count in the last nine years came in August 2016, weeks after the referendum on leaving the EU.

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There were 70 recorded crimes that month, double the average number of reports per month since 2011.

Home Office figures show hate crimes nationally rising over the past five years – with a spike since 2016 blamed on Brexit.

In nearby Bexley and Bromley, the months after the referendum saw spikes in both boroughs in reported hate crimes.

Bexley had 29 offences in August, compared to an average of 17, and Bromley had 59 compared to a monthly average of 30.

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Speaking of the increasing reports seen in Greenwich over the last decade, cllr Jackie Smith, cabinet member for community safety, told the LDR service: “Greenwich has a diverse population, and the Council and Community Safety Partnership work tirelessly to promote an inclusive and tolerant society.

“This is reflected in the aims of our Community Safety Plan and demonstrated through initiatives like our Community Partnership Pledge; a commitment supported by faith leaders across the borough.

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“The rising national crime figures are worrying, but it is not a problem unique to Greenwich. There are a number of complex factors and events nationally and internationally which may be driving this increase.

“As a partnership, we monitor any changes in reported crime carefully and continue to look at how we can address issues and protect our residents and communities.”

The council works closely with Greenwich Inclusion Project to support hate crime victims and “promote tolerance” within the borough.

Cllr Smith added: “We continue to work closely with local police colleagues to tackle hate of all kind, particularly where enforcement action may be required. We also have our own dedicated PREVENT team who proactively tackle extremism, again as part of a broader approach to tackling hate crime and intolerance across the borough.”