A total of four sports clubs across Bromley have had facilities raided by thieves this month and Bromley police say the cases may be linked.

Orpington FC was the first to be ransacked on July 11 before last weekend Glebe FC in Chislehurst and Petts Wood FC and Warman Sports Club in Hayes were targeted.

Bromley police say thousands of pounds of equipment was stolen after a nearby school in Hayes, Baston House, was also exploited.

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"The school was targeted between Friday and Sunday when they smashed the door of a school office and stole four 55 inch Techwood TVs," a police officer told News Shopper.

"They went around the site and also made off with gardening and power tools made by Stihl, DeWalt and Bosch."

The police constable added: "Next, on Sunday night, thieves - possibly the same ones - returned to the site and cut away padlocks to gain access to equipment stores used by the rugby and football clubs.

"Items stolen include fitness equipment, a 2m long stainless steel Hog Roast machine and a Stihl 'leaf blower' stolen.

"The thieves appeared to target building and grounds equipment and got to and from the site in a vehicle."

Police said Glebe FC on Foxbury Avenue was targeted between Friday and Saturday when the equipment shed was broken into and items including a lawn mower were stolen.

Bromley Police offered the following burglary prevention tips:

"This type of burglary sometimes happens at night on deserted sites where high value equipment is kept in offices and buildings. Thieves turn up in a van with bolt cutters and can be confident they wont be disturbed when a site is unoccupied. Unless there is something there to disturb them.

"Physical security measures such as strong doors and locks can help but if the crook is on the premises attacking them with tools already and undisturbed it may already be too late. They target sports clubs and schools where there are grounds maintenance equipment and other expensive equipment left on the sites.

"Security plans should work like an onion – in layers of security starting from the outside. Never rely on just one thing to keep your property secure, use a combination of things.

"Make sure your business and club perimeter is safe externally – good fencing, no vehicle access. You can also use physical obstacles that make it hard to get past if you are carrying something (like a narrow raised pedestrian access gate). If it looks like it will be too hard to remove things from a site the thief may well consider it not worth the effort.

"Then the next layer - use security lights and alarms (ideally monitored) – you want to detect and alert the burglar as soon as possible, that they have been discovered if they are on the property. This immediately raises the risks to their endeavour. They will fear being caught and try and escape leaving their criminal attempt. And hopefully it will alert someone to call the police too so we can catch them. When land and premises is unguarded then the sooner a thief is on the premises they need a message that the law is could be coming very soon.

"CCTV is very useful in detecting criminals when the victim reports the crime next morning but it is often not routinely monitored off site and the thieves know that.

"CCTV can be a deterrent but make sure it’s visible (it can be hard to see cameras at night), secure (not easily damaged and put out of action), and signs warning CCTV is recording are often more of a deterrent as they are seen.

"Property marking and photographing property clearly can help bring your property back. If you get a burglary then secure the sight immediately to prevent them coming back again. Sadly thieves will return to the same place, finding the same security, but this time brand new expensive replacement equipment to take instead."

Anyone with information regarding the Hayes burglaries can call the police on 101 or anonymously on 0800555111 quoting 3315358/19.

You can ring the same numbers to report information regarding the burglary of Glebe FC quoting the reference 3315239/19.