A man who allegedly stole a MacMillan Cancer Support charity box has been slammed by managers of a Bromley pub where the vital cash was stolen.

The Bricklayers Arms, on Masons Hill, reported the incident to police after capturing the shocking theft on CCTV.

Assistant manager, Rory McClean, was on bar duty just after 2pm yesterday when the alleged thief strolled in wearing a white t-shirt and shorts.

"I was cleaning up plates and was getting cutlery together," Rory told News Shopper. "I looked up and saw this guy behind the till.

"It was quite unusual because we are a local bar and anyone that comes in and it’s empty would walk round and see me.

"I thought ‘s*** he hasn’t been served and I said, ‘sorry I didn’t see you mate’, but he starts getting up as I walk through and by the time he’s at the door he starts running."

Rory, who has worked at the pub for five years, quickly realised what was taken and reported the incident to police and his manager.

CCTV footage was shared by the pub on social media.

"Oh my god, come on mate, come on," Rory said when asked for his reaction about the theft. "We have four charities we support and for a guy to come and do that is awful.

"He didn’t even look like he needed it."

Thankfully the box was only emptied last week meaning the culprit wouldn’t have taken much.

The box was chained to the till but the suspect managed to cut the chain before fleeing.

Rory said he was "blown away" from the response on social media.

"Thousands of people are saw it and are calling this guy a scumbag. Maybe someone in Bromley knows him."

The pub wrote on its Facebook page: "To the scumbag who snipped the chain and stole the charity box an hour ago....last laugh on you mate...I emptied it last week. By the way yes the CCTV does work thanks for looking straight at it the police will have a clear view of your thieving mug."

We understand police are investigating the theft.