A Swanscombe woman was nearly left in hiss-terics after spotting a surprise snake slithering away from her garden.

Elizabeth Hammond posted a video of the unspecified species to Facebook which shows it making it's merry way through an alleyway in Manor Road.

Ms Hammond explained that it was initially spotted by her mother who immediately ran back into the house after encountering the random reptile.

"She then came in all panicked, screaming about a snake in the alley.

"So then I went outside, filmed it and it eventually slithered away into the neighbour's bushes," she told News Shopper.

It's unclear which species of snake is featured in the footage, however some social media users have speculated it to be a grass snake, a non-venomous snake which can be found in parts of the UK.

Grass snakes, also known as water snakes, are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act making it illegal to injure or kill them.