If you walk past Catford Mews in the town centre today, you’ll see little more than a building site.

But in just over a month it will open its doors to punters as a three-screen cinema, complete with a bar, five food vendors and a community space.

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The cinema will open to the public in August

Isra Al Kassi, programme and marketing manager for Catford Mews, said the community response has been “incredible” as the cinema prepares to open.

Catford town centre has been left without a cinema since the ABC closed down in 2001.

But the long wait for a replacement will come to an end at the end of August when a transformed Catford Mews will be launched by the Really Local Group.

Al Kassi told News Shopper: “The way I’m describing Catford Mews is like a utopia – that’s what we’re aiming for.”

The multi-screen space which occupies the old Poundland in the town centre will be entirely accessible to all.

“People have asked me, ‘will there be ramps?’ and I say ‘we don’t need ramps – it’s completely accessible',” Al Kassi said.

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The cinema, which is currently a work-in-progress, will be accessible to all when it is completed

She also stressed the importance of screenings that cater for people with certain needs, which will be put on throughout the week rather than at specific slots.

“Relaxed screenings are really important. There are people with additional needs who want to go to the cinema,” she told News Shopper.

Ticket prices are estimated to range from £5-£8 on average, with concessions and carer’s tickets available.

The Really Local Group is also offering even cheaper tickets for founder members who contribute to the Mews through a Kickstarter campaign.

The bar and restaurant space will be shared by five different food vendors – with two already announced.

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Bears Dough, a vegan doughnut company, will be serving in the foyer

Bears Dough, a vegan doughnut company, will be providing sweet treats to customers alongside Daun Deli, a Swedish sandwich vendor which also offers vegan food.

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Daun Deli will also be serving up vegan treats

Al Kassi described the bar as a place where everyone can feel comfortable – whether they drink alcohol or not.

“We’re a very welcoming environment. If someone wants to come in and have a coffee, they can. If someone wants to come in and have a cocktail, they can do that too.

“We’re going that by having different programmes going on we’ll have people coming in for different things.”

At the back of the building is a huge room with a high ceiling. Currently occupied by stepladders and workmen, the huge space will soon be transformed into a community space which can be rented out for different activities – and a particular focus on music.

“It’s going to be a flexible space. We’re going to have live music and equipment that everyone can use.

“We’re really excited about people reaching out to us to perform. We want to create a space where someone who is truly talented can perform.”

Although official opening hours have not been finalised, Al Kassi can reveal the cafe will be open from 7am every day, with food vendors and the bar serving from midday.