A woman with progressive dementia who has lived in Bromley her whole life has thanked her care and support worker.

Doreen Daley, 90, said she simply "couldn’t exist" without the help she receives.

The sweet old lady relies on Debbie Hurst, 60, who is her live-in carer and support worker from Caremark Bromley.

Debbie lives at Doreen’s home for up to three weeks at a time and helps with everything from makeup, washing to cooking.

The pair often visit the shops to see friends and feed ducks in the park.

Debbie, who has been in the care industry for 30 years, said: "Doreen is a lovely lady who I adore with all my heart.

"Her Alzheimer’s means that sometimes she forgets things, but I keep her mind active by continuously interacting with her on topics she is passionate about, such as knitting and animals."

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Doreen was born in 1929 and was a British Telecom operator before being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s after her husband died.

She has no children or siblings and being alone makes her anxious, so the support from Debby means a lot.

"We have a wonderful relationship," Debbie said.

"Being a live-in care and support worker means I can assist Doreen in any way she needs me, 24 hours a day.

"It can be challenging sometimes, but the sense of satisfaction I get from knowing I have made a difference in her life is enormous."

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Sharon Dhillon, managing director at Caremark Bromley, added: "Care and support workers like Debbie are the lifeblood of their local communities.

"They are treasured by their clients."

Doreen and Debbie shared their story ahead of World Friendship Day on July 30.