A famous old newsagent will become a thing of the past next week despite being present in Penge for more than 100 years.

Its current owners, Nalin and Pravina (Sheena) Patel, first bought the shop in 1988 but the couple is now preparing for an emotional farewell.

Sheena, 63, gave birth three months after taking over Fosdicks and worked there until her and her husband sold it in 2002.

They bought it back two years ago, but could not revive the once booming business.

"It is going to be very sad," Sheena told News Shopper. "It is a historic part of Penge and it would have been nice to see it continue. But these sort of businesses are dying now."

News Shopper:

The couple, who live in West Wickham, share fond memories of the newsagent and they used to run two tills, with customers often queuing from the street.

On Saturdays, a pile of 300 copies of The Sun were flogged rapidly and turnovers were high.

Sheena said people now read less and technology is replacing the need to send cards.

"Parents used to introduce their children to reading here," the shopkeeper added. "On Google you will only search for what you want.

"With newspapers and magazines you might discover some article that gives you extra knowledge. That’s why I feel sad.

"We need to make progress in technology but not so fast that we lose important things to a community."

The mum-of-two said she feels sorry for older people who have visited the shop their entire lives.

"They feel safe here," Sheena said. "They don’t have many people to chat to and these smaller businesses bring them out, and in a way they get their exercise."

As she spoke, an elderly woman came in to check her lotto ticket and won an unexpected £20.

"I will go on a cruise," the woman, who has lived here since she was a baby, laughed.

As Sheena spoke to News Shopper, other disappointed customers arrived to ask why the shop had to close.

"That's a shame, you've been here for years," one young woman commented.

"Yesterday there was a gentleman who said he had lived here 25 years and this was the only shop he has bought cards," Sheena added.

"He wouldn’t go anywhere else and always found what he wanted."

News Shopper:

The couple has become "like a family" to the regulars and Sheena said it’s something she will miss dearly.

Fosdicks will close next week and Sheena said she will now take a break.

"We haven’t had a holiday in a long time so we will do that," she said. "I also enjoy gardening and I will be able to spend more time doing that.

"I also want to travel a bit."

Despite failing to rescue the store in the past 24 months, Sheena said she was proud of what she and her husband achieved since 1988.

"Coming back has served its purpose," she said. "We were about to learn about our customers family’s and how they progressed, especially the young children who used to come with their parents."

News Shopper:

Sheena said Fosdicks will always hold special memories in her heart and saying goodbye is something she never wanted to do.

"I wanted to pass it on," explained. "But things have changed and we have to accept that."