Plans to turn an empty pub into flats are set to be approved by councillors.

The Glenmore Arms in Plumstead has been closed for “some time” according to developers, who have submitted plans for three new homes on behalf of the building’s owner.

Previous plans for a slightly bigger scheme were withdrawn in favour of a smaller development.

The pub, in Edison Grove, is listed as having ‘special character’, but developers say houses will bring the site back into use.

The pub closed its doors in 2016 and has been empty ever since, with the developers saying it was no longer viable to run a boozer anymore.

Neighbours have objected to the proposals, not wanting to lose a pub in the area.

However, officers at the council have recommended the plans be approved at a planning meeting next week, July 23.

In a new report, officers said: “The proposal would result in the loss of a pub. The pub is located in a suburban area which does not have any other supporting commercial uses within close proximity. ”

Nearby pubs include the Who’d a Thought It on Timbercroft Lane, The Old Mill in Old Mill Road and The Star Plumstead in Plumstead Common Road.

Officers added: “These pubs have a greater customer potential as their locations lend them for greater exposure than the Glenmore Arms as they are in areas such as along the green chain walk, adjacent to main roads, and/or within close proximity to other commercial uses, whereas the Glenmore Arms is not.

“It has also been demonstrated that the future of the pub is not commercial viability and the alternative would bring a vacant basement and ground floor premises into gainful use.”

The upstairs of the pub already has permission for a flat conversion.

The Campaign for Real Ale estimates pubs in the UK are closing at a rate of 29 a week – double the rate of 2011.