A Chief Inspector of the Bromley police force has insisted that racist abuse will not be tolerated.

A question was raised in last night’s live police Q&A regarding youths on bikes allegedly racially abusing and intimidating others in Croydon Road Recreation Ground in Beckenham.

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Earlier this month it was reported on Facebook page, Beckenham Appreciation Group, that eight-year-old girls witnessed a gang of up to 13 intimidating foreign students.

According to the post, one girl was called a "black p****hole".

News Shopper understands this prompted concerns parents to start a WhatsApp group, Parents Group Beckenham, to share their worries.

When the question of racism and anti-social behaviour on bikes was put to police last night, Chief Inspector Craig Knight said the following.

"Police will never tolerate racial abuse in our community and nor should anyone else. I take a slightly softer stance on kids using bikes in the park but it is important that's done safely.

"If you let us know any detail you have of any racial incident we will look into it and ensure its properly recorded. Also let us know best times to patrol the park and I can task some officers to be in the area at the times suggested."

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Police tackled anti-social behaviour yesterday after activating a dispersal zone in the Copers Cope and Eden Park wards, which will end at 10pm tonight.

On Twitter, @MPSShortlands explained: "This gives us the power to direct people to leave an area for 24 hours or face arrest and seize property connected to anti-social behaviour."

Kids being abusive and anti-social while riding bikes in Beckenham was the official reason given by Shortlands police as to why the dispersal zone was introduced.

Three kids have already been dispersed until 10pm and their parents have been informed.