Bromley is the latest borough to recognise climate change as it sets out an ambitious target of being carbon neutral by 2029.

Stopping short of joining other council’s in declaring an “emergency”, councillors agreed that the authority must act within the next decade to reduce its carbon footprint.

Put forward by councillor Will Harmer and backed by councillor Kieran Terry, the entire chamber approved the new policy.

The UK Government’s target is to be net zero carbon emissions by 2050, putting Bromley 21 years ahead of the game if it succeeds in fulfilling its goal.

Cllr Harmer said: “This motion compliments the huge amount of work that Bromley is doing to improve the environment for our residents and to leave a better environmental legacy for our children.

“From LED lighting, tree planting and zero waste to landfill commitments Bromley has a successful track record.

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“This ambitious target to have a net zero carbon emission by 2029 cements Bromley Council as a leading authority in tackling carbon emissions. I hope other authorities consider following our lead.”

Whilst supporting the proposal, Labour councillors attempted to get the council to declare a “climate emergency” in a bid to join nearby Labour authorities such as Lewisham and Greenwich.

Cllr Jeal said: “Members might think this is a gimmick but it is actually very important. So far 15 London boroughs have done so, we are taking action tonight so we may as well join that list. The reality is there is an emergency whether we declare one or not.”

The amendment was blocked however, with cllr Harmer summing up: “I think the motion encapsulates what we want to deliver. It’s important we deliver action and outcomes, not words. ”

With Bromley’s new goal, the council has surpassed many other authorities in the steps they are taking to address their environmental footprint, being the first to set a 2029 goal.

Resources cabinet member councillor Graham Arthur said at the meeting on July 15: “Outside Bromley Council’s bubble people are running with this and responding to the challenges. The future of our planet isn’t owned by any political party, race, gender or age.

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“It is the responsibility of everybody here. We are the custodians of this planet and frankly we are not doing a very good job of it.

“This is so current and so important. I am so encouraged that we are taking steps to recognise what we have to do.”