The owners of a missing puppy who was found after a huge social media search have said they “can’t believe” how the community pulled together to help.

Emma Boittiaux, 24, and her partner Enge, 26, were reunited with 10-week-old American Bulldog Feather after she went missing from outside Sainsbury’s in Honor Oak Park on Sunday evening.

The couple, who are originally from France and have been living in Honor Oak for just four months, praised the “amazing” community who helped find Feather.

After tying up the pup on a bike rack outside the shop on Sunday night, Enge came back outside to find Feather had gone.

As he hunted around to try and find the pooch, Enge started to panic. But luckily, some good Samaritans were on hand to help.

Nicola Johnson, who has lived in Honor Oak for more than 17 years, was walking back to her car as Enge ran towards her.

“He was in genuine distress,” Nicola told News Shopper.

The qualified lawyer invited Enge into her car to search the area for Feather.

News Shopper:

11-week-old Feather went missing on Sunday night

“Some people might say that was a silly thing to do but he just seemed so upset.

“We drove around for about half an hour looking for the dog and [Enge] was so distraught. He was crying. But we couldn’t find anything.”

After dropping Enge home, she asked for some photos of Feather so she could post them on the I Love SE4 Facebook group.

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Within a few hours, the post had been shared hundreds of times among by concerned SE4 residents – and it caught the attention of Anna Orford on Monday morning.

“I saw the post and it really affected me. This tiny little puppy was missing and it didn’t feel right. I thought, ‘how can I help?’” she told News Shopper

The animal lover who owns a dog and 12 cats herself decided to share the photos of missing Feather on a local community WhatsApp group.

“Within about 30 seconds, someone contacted me directly on WhatsApp and told me the dog was with her neighbour.”

Anna and Nicola, who had never met in person before, arranged for Feather to be handed over outside the Sainsbury’s where she had gone missing.

“She was the cutest little puppy and she seemed healthy and well,” Nicola said.

Meanwhile Anna, who lives in New Cross Gate, ran all the way to Honor Oak Park to make sure Feather was returned safely.

Nicola said: “Anna and I had never met in person before; never exchanged any conversation, but we just hugged each other.

“We were so happy that this community effort had found the dog.”

She described the emotional reunion as Emma and Enge ran to Sainsbury’s to collect Feather.

“They couldn’t stop smiling. They were crying and were so delighted,” she said.

"It does show how amazing and powerful and useful these Facebook groups can be when people aren't arguing."

Emma, who said she is “so happy” to be reunited with her puppy, told News Shopper Feather is unharmed and has stayed close to her owners since returning home.

“Without those people trying to help, we wouldn’t have found her. Me and my boyfriend weren’t sure if we wanted to stay in London for a long time, but after we got Feather back, he said to me, ‘we need to live here forever’.”