A resilience wellbeing coach is hosting a workshop for men suffering from postnatal depression.

Despite being commonly known to affect some women, Zeenat Noorani says dads can also be plagued when becoming a parent.

As such, she is launching a workshop for fathers who are struggling to cope.

"All too often, husbands and partners are completely overlooked when it comes to mental health or practical support around perinatal and postnatal pregnancy," Zeenat, 46, who lives in Bromley's town centre, said.

"There’s a whole host of information for mums, but not so much for dads."

Anyone who attends the workshops will leave with a copy of Zeenat’s book, How to be an Awesome Dad.

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Zeenat added: "Research is showing that fathers can also develop mental health problems associated fatherhood.

"It seems that fathers don't always experience the instantaneous love for their newborn child that we are so frequently, and wrongly, told that mothers do."

She also said that the workshop is suitable for men worried about having a baby in future, first-time dads and fathers who already have children.

The 'How to be an Awesome Dad' workshop will be on July 10 at the Bistro Café on South Street, Bromley, between 7 and 9pm.

Tickets cost £20 or £25 if you drop-in on the day.