Members of a south London criminal gang responsible for more than 40 offences have been convicted.

But it was the hairstyles of a select few that caught the attention of people on Twitter.

The organised-crime group featuring a total of seven people was sentenced to a combined total of 14 years’ imprisonment at Kingston Crown Court on Thursday.

The court heard how the gang targeted affluent south London areas late at night during August and November 2018 to commit 47 burglaries in the space of just three months.

The thieves would break into the homes and target car keys and handbags before stealing the victims’ cars from driveways and nearby streets.

They worked systematically as part of a team using stolen vehicles to get from house to house and would swap stolen number plates between the vehicles to avoid being identified.



Posting the news of the sentences on Twitter, the Met Police got a few replies they may not have expected.

"Not one decent haircut between them," one person wrote.

"How’s your luck, on your way to a Star Wars convention dressed up as Princess Leia and you get nicked."

"80% of these hair cuts should be a hate crime."

People even started laying blame on those responsible for the haircuts.

"Photos from the worst barbers in London."

"What is going on here? You have arrested his barber too right?"

"They should all get at least 15 years for those dodgy barnets."