A man living with schizophrenia because of trauma suffered in prison has published a new book.

Creepers: The burglars who come while you're sleeping is about two men, an ex-prisoner and a crack addict, who break into a Richmond mansion.

Paul Warwick, 51, who lives in Beckenham, told News Shopper it was inspired by his final stint in jail for aggravated burglary.

He was last released from prison in 1992 after spending eight years locked up for various crimes since he was 15.

"Even though it’s fictionalised, I lived that life," Paul said. "The story lines are realistic, and I can provide little details about prison and criminals because I lived through it."

Paul has published 18 books and is a long time filmmaker after becoming passionate about the arts in prison.

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His new book explores dark topics like suicide, serial killers and men who exploit at all costs.

The Beckenham author also uses humour in his writing despite the serious themes.

"Even in prison, inmates and staff have a laugh sometimes," he explained.

Despite being set in 2005, the book is inspired by the 90s when Paul and other inmates would smoke cannabis and take ecstasy while being held in custody.

"It’s fascinating how we lived," Paul, who went on to become a Christian, said. "You think wow does this really happen. It was bizarre."

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Paul has turned his once turbulent life around and is now married with two children and two stepchildren.

His schizophrenia still leaves him paranoid and in fear, but he said he was recently coping much better.

"My health is really good," Paul said. "I have had a break-through, I don’t know what it is but I feel a lot lighter in myself."

Paul is still raising money for a new short film, Lost and Found, starring his young daughter and hopes to have funds raised by September.