An eight year old footy ace from Dartford will have to put his best foot forward after recently securing a two-year contract with Chelsea FC.

Ethan Dada, 8, will now get the opportunity to train for his club he supports and has already had to opportunity to rub shoulders with the some of the their top players such as Eden Hazard.

Young Ethan was first spotted by a Chelsea scout two years ago while playing a match in Catford, initially getting drafted to train with the younger squads before signing his contract with the prestigious club.

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Ethan Dada with his first cup win with the club

According to proud dad Yomi, Ethan’s success is solely down to his hard work and dedication to the game, starting football training as early as three years old before playing for Dartford FC over the last three years.

"He’s happy and I’m certainly happy.

"He’s one of the best of the country, and I’m not just saying that as his dad," joked Mr Dada.

Mr Dada had previously played football as a semi-professional for teams such as Scarborough Athletic F.C and Ashford before settling down a number of years ago.

However, his love of the game has not wavered as he now takes great joy in sharing that passion with son by ferrying him to training sessions across London for the past two years.

"It’s meant a lot of hours on the training pitch and a lot of money spent.

"I was going to Brixton and Vauxhall with him from Dartford nearly every week.

"But to see that he’s got his two years with them and after seeing how well they look after him, I know he’s in the right place," he said.

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Ethan's proved quite popular with the club since joining

Chelsea FC were not the only club with their eye on the talented youngster as scouts from Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal had all expressed interest in signing him.

However, Ethan was clear that Chelsea FC was the only move for him.

Mr Dada is hopeful his son can obtain future success within the sport and believes he can go all the way.

"That’s the aim now, to try and get him all the way to the top.

"Since signing, he's even had a chance to play in Nou Camp with his new squad and even scored a hat-trick!," said Mr Dada.