A primary school in Shortlands will strive to break a Guinness World Record attempt this week to raise awareness for a local cancer charity.

Valley Primary School, in Beckenham Lane, decided to support the Chartwell Cancer Trust after losing some teachers and parents to the disease in recent years.

It was last year when Charlotte English, the deputy head of the PTA, decided to help the cause by trying to break a Guinness World Record attempt using pom poms.

The current record for a line of pom poms is 29,312 – and the school has already helped make more than 33,000.

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A judicator from the Guinness World Record will arrive on Friday (July 5) to make it all official.

Pom poms have been donated from as far as Wales, Ireland and even Australia after people heard about the school’s campaign.

News Shopper:

"People are absolutely loving it," Charlotte told News Shopper. "The pom poms are colourful and lots of people have said how relaxing and therapeutic it’s been making them."

Events have been held throughout the year including at The Glades when Bromley Football Club players lent a hand in making more.

Valley Primary School has raised almost £1,000 for the Chartwell Cancer Trust through its pom pom project.

The charity helps cancer patients in south London and its work includes supporting The Princess Royal University Trust with funding for medical staff, projects and equipment.

"One of the reasons we chose the Chartwell Cancer Trust is because we have lost a couple of members of staff and a parent to cancer in the last few years," Charlotte said.

"They do a lot of work with children and one of the things we are raising money for is an AB1 Robot, which allows children receiving treatment to stay in contact with the class and keep up with their education."

The robot stays in the classroom while the patient controls it via a tablet, allowing the child to interact with classmates.

Because of the increasing volume of pom poms, the school will be using the sports hall at Langley Park School for Boys to fit them all in a line.

After the event, the pom poms will be used to raise further funds for the Chartwell Cancer Trust by using them for bunting and Christmas wreaths.