People are showing their gratitude to a pensioner who is spending his free time cleaning the Beckenham War Memorial.

The memorial, on the roundabout by Croydon Road, remembers the men and women of Beckenham who died in the First and Second World War.

However, in the past couple of years it has been left unloved, prompting Garnet Frost to start cleaning the stonework every Sunday.

News Shopper:

fundraiser was recently set up for Garnet after he accidentally dropped his phone into a bucket of soapy water.

Over £100 has been raised and a statement read: "As a community, it would be fantastic to get enough money so that a pair of proper gloves can protect his hands, a good supply of cleaning products and today I was informed that he dropped his mobile phone in a puddle which now doesn’t work."

Taylor Morris, of The Anti-Grime Squad cleaning company, decided to visit Garnet last Sunday, June 30, to lend a hand.

"He is such a selfless person," Taylor told News Shopper. "He is taking this upon himself and it has created a real community buzz.

"We had a real laugh helping him and cars were driving past beeping and thanking us, and one enforcement officer brought us over bottles of water."

Taylor, who brought along two of her colleagues, said it was a shame the memorial was left in such a state.

"Some family members of people here fought in the wars and this has really hit home," she said. "It’s not just a roundabout and these people lost their lives for our country."

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Taylor, who now lives in Crystal Palace, donated cleaning products to Garnet who she will be joining in the next six weeks to spruce up the memorial.

News Shopper:

News Shopper will be visiting Garnet for an exclusive interview this weekend as part of a new community series.