Staff at a homeless charity in Deptford have said they are “touched” by a donation from a former user of their service who is back on their feet.

The 999 Club received an anonymous donation of a fiver through the door on Sunday. It was delivered with a letter which read: “The door was open so I thought I’d donate £5 to the fund to help homeless people.

“Thank you for your help. I’m doing ok.”

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A letter was posted along with the donation. Photo: 999 Club

The grateful stranger decided to remain anonymous, although staff have a feeling they know who posted the kind gesture.

A spokeswoman for the 999 Club said: “It was a wonderful gesture.

“People were really touched. It means a lot.”

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However, she added the charity never expects anything from people it has helped in the past.

“It’s great and it’s the point of what the 999 Club is. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t even exist, but this isn’t an ideal world.

“The aim of the charity is to be able to help a person be self-sustaining and if someone feels able to give a donation then that’s great.

“But it’s not something we expect at all. There’s no expectation.”

The donated £5 could go towards helping a rough sleeper replace lost ID – which is a common problem for many homeless people.

“Some people don’t have ID which makes it hard to get a bank account or a job, so one of the first things we do is make sure we get them some ID.

“A fiver can go halfway to getting a replacement birth certificate for someone – so it’s a significant step.”