A prolific shoplifter who assaulted emergency workers has been jailed for one year.

Louisa Deighton, 33, was eventually arrested in Orpington after repeatedly stealing beauty products and electrical goods on Sevenoaks High Street worth more than £4,500.

She also threatened a staff member on May 16 when a worker approached her after concealing 35 items of cosmetics valued at £1,000.

Louisa, who has no fixed address, was arrested in Orpington days later (May 22) and was taken to hospital as a precaution.

While there she threw a cup of water over a nurse before kicking an officer when escorted to a car.

Once arriving at the station, police say she kicked a second officer before spitting on three others.

A phone was also damaged in custody and she was charged with robbery, eight counts of theft, criminal damage and six counts of assaulting an emergency worker.

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Chief Inspector Nick Finnis said: "My officers are required to attend challenging and sometimes volatile situations on a daily basis to protect our communities from harm.

"On this occasion, my officers were seeking to assist a prisoner when they were assaulted and spat on. Deighton also assaulted a nurse and had previously threatened a shop assistant.

"Her conduct was completely unacceptable and it is right she has been jailed."

Deighton pleaded guilty on June 20 and was sentenced to one year in prison.