A mum of twins has slammed a south London leisure centre for allowing children to play in “risky” conditions after her daughter’s tooth was knocked out at a birthday party.

Helen Brookes, from Forest Hill, told News Shopper of her horror at hearing her 10-year-old daughter Isla had been injured during a laser tag game at Streatham Leisure Centre on Sunday.

“She had been hit in the face, which was obviously an accident,” Ms Brookes explained.

“She went to the exit of the inflatable crying and holding bits of her tooth in her hand.”

After Ms Brookes’ husband, Angus Kelly, rushed back to Streatham, he was shocked to discover the staff at reception had no idea what had happened to little Isla.

News Shopper:

Isla was injured during a party at Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre (Google Maps Street View)

“My husband ran into reception and said: ‘I believe my child has been injured’ but staff didn’t seem concerned.”

According to the mum and charity worker, the member of staff overseeing the party “didn’t really react at all.

“She didn’t ask if Isla was OK or do any first aid. She didn’t even stop the game or escalate it to anybody.”

Unfortunately, the pieces of Isla’s tooth that had broken off were not saved – so she now has to have her tooth filled in.

When Ms Brookes called the centre to make a complaint, she claims the duty manager told her that children play in the centre “at their own risk.”

She has now written a formal complaint to the centre and has also reported the incident to Lambeth Council.

“Their reaction was absolutely outrageous. It’s risky and not safe for children to be in there.”

Ms Brookes and her husband are calling on the leisure centre to train all staff in first aid and put a dental emergency policy in place in future.

“You’re supposed to put the teeth in milk when they are chipped off. If the staff had done that, there might have been a better chance to save Isla’s tooth,” she explained.

“We’ve been told she will never be able to bite on her tooth, and I’m just so annoyed at the lack of care.”

A spokesman for GLL which runs the centre said: “We are very sorry to hear that Isla lost a tooth while playing at a birthday party at Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre.
“All Better Centres have fully-qualified and highly-trained first aid staff.
“We have invited her mother to meet with us to hear her concerns. Meanwhile we wish Isla all the best.”